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the last day of may

may 2008

well, i did it! i am proud to say that the "blog-a-day" challenge in may was a complete success. each and every day i would take time out of my hectic schedule to come up with something to write about. sharing moments of my life for the past month has been pretty rewarding.

i've learned that when i read blogs i love to see pictures...seeing as i'm such a visual artist that didn't surprise me at all. i attempted to deliver a picture with my blog postings as well. sometimes it just wasn't possible, but i think i made up for it with multiple pics on other days.

i have decided to keep up with posting on a regular basis...although its probably not going to be every day.

so here's to walt, venus & nicole who were posting along with me. cheers friends, we did it!

xo diane

1 comment:

Walt said...

I almost missed yesterday. I was so tired and it was almost Saturday, but I put a video up so I'd have something. Now I just need to figure out what to write today and I'll be a complete success, too!

I'm glad you're going to do this on a more regular basis. I like your blog a lot.