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looks like smoked ribs today

happy memorial day.

we've been cocooned inside so far today watching the third installment of the matrix series "revolutions" and are now thinking about our next move. it has rained on and off this morning leaving the backyard a bit of a soggy mess, but i'm not made of sugar, so i'm not going to melt...unless the heat continues like this! yuk!

we are going to smoke some pork ribs and if they turn out as good as they did last time then look out. complete with the red ring of smoke and all. if we do them i will get a pic of them up and cut so you can see that ring.

in the meantime, i'm getting a bit sleepy and still have loads of work to do.

xo diane

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Inspired Events By Nycia said...

FABULOUS WORK!! Definitely keep me posted on your new website!!