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Red Carpet

AFW red carpet

So what do you wear for your first red carpet experience? Well, I decided to go vintage and try on a dress that I hadn't worn in about 7 years. Lo and behold, it fit! Its a Givenchy inspired "little black dress" that I accented with a black leather obi style belt. My purse was a vintage silver clutch which held the essentials; iPhone, lipstick, money & emergency granola bar in case I got hungry. :)

Here's a closer shot of Rob, Aimee and I:
red carpet

We weren't really sure who the press was stopping to interview. It seemed sort of random so I thought maybe they'd grab me, but I wasn't so lucky.

The Austin Fashion Awards show was great. There were so many people there it was electric! Alpha Rev started the show while people were getting seated. Jenny Hart was the charming emcee of the evening, making everyone feel welcome with a lovely sense of humor too. The Soldier Thread & Ume both played live during 4 different designers' fashion shows and The Octopus Project closed out the night.

We had a great time chatting and meeting people that I feel like I could do that every week! I am going to miss having so many social events to attend.

A big thanks to Matt Swinney of Launch 787 for putting together this whole beautiful week. He and his support team did an amazing job. And kudos to Austin for being so stylish!

Busy Thursday

So my cocktail party was on Tuesday July 14th, and like I said, my friend Aimee was in it to win it with her Passport to Fashion collecting stamps from all the participating salons & boutiques.

Thursday was my friend Annemarie's showcase at Urban Groove salon. She had a wonderful set up and has brought back her custom design program. Awesome! Here are a few pics from that day.

The three ladies...
aimee annemarie me

The custom design group:
annemaries purses

Annemarie showing Aimee the goods:
annemarie and aimee

Later we met up with Aimee's husband Rob and headed off to the 2nd Street district with TONS of boutiques! Lots of beautiful people, fashion, drinks and food. After that we headed down to Austin Handmade for their party.

Here's Catherine & Jason & I:
catherine and jason

They had a fantastic cake from Sugar Mama's Bake Shop which was to die for! Moist, rich and chocolaty! All we were missing was a tall glass of cold milk!
ah cake

The bakery had decorated the side of the cake with little chocolate pieces in the shape of things that they sell at Austin Handmade. Imagine my surprise when I saw that it featured one of my owls! (sorry for the bad picture)
my owl

I still have one more post to talk about the Austin Fashion Awards...and my first red carpet experience.

xo diane

Austin Fashion Week recap

Yes, I understand that its been a whole week since Austin Fashion Week wrapped up and that I'm just now getting around to writing about it. Better late than never...

My cocktail party that was hosted at Sirens Salon was a great success. I was joined by my sister Mary, her daughter Kaitlyn & her friend Irene (from Spain). What was so wonderful about that was that she lives abroad and only visits the U.S. once a year. They helped me set up my tables, merchandise and give me support throughout the night.

tasty table

I met lots of people who were checking out the whole week's worth of events. My friends Aimee & Rob were there. Aimee was busy all week going to as many events as she could and was collecting "stamps" for her Passport to Fashion.

rob, aimee and me

Sirens salon had put together a raffle featuring a beautiful travel case filled with products, services, gift certificates and a lovely necklace from Tasty Jewelry. Guess who won it? Aimee! Lucky lady...

Here are more pics from my set up:

(Hey, that's me in the mirror! Good shot Mary.)
copper goodies

magnets rings

And the fun crowd we had!

sirens crowd

I would like to thank so many people for their support, Sue, Kat, Mary, Aimee, Rob, Kaitlyn, Irene, Ragen, Cristi, Emma & all of Sirens salon for being such an awesome host to me! I also wanted to thank everyone who voted for me. Even though I wasn't nominated, I still had a great experience and hope to do it again next year.

xo diane


Austin Fashion Week Cocktail Party

afw cocktail party

As part of the Austin Fashion Week festivities I would like to cordially invite everyone to join me at Sirens Salon on Tuesday July 14th from 6:30pm - 8:30pm for a cocktail party featuring my latest collections from Tasty Jewelry. Sirens Salon is located at 4207 Medical Parkway just north of 41st Street.

You can click on the image above to be directed to the Austin Fashion Week website.

I hope to see you all there!

xo diane