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smoking ribs

okay, so yesterday was another beautiful day in austin. not quite as cool as saturday but lovely nonetheless. so i decided to smoke some pork ribs. using mesquite chips soaked in water, the process is quite simple really. light up half the grill with natural wood charcoal and leave the other half open so your ribs aren't over direct heat.

here they are at the beginning:

i smoked them continuously for about 2 1/2 hours then finished them off in the oven for another hour or so. they were dark, rich and delicious! full of smoky flavor. my house smelled like a real texas bbq! we had some southwestern style rice and beans on the side and life was good.

here's carlos while we're outside:
carlos outside

and our table full of the activities we were partaking in during the smokefest.

and me....reading bon appetit to be inspired.

reading bon appetit

i'll have to post a picture of the finished ribs later....

xo diane


Walt said...

Damn, you're both too good looking. Stop that now and look normal like the rest of us.

Venus said...

who needs brangelina when you two are around. hubba


Nessa said...

I second Walt and Venus' emotions. You two are smokin hot! Get it? I said smoking and you were smok...nevermind, it's too early to be wity.