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look what i've been up to....

here is a photo of the latest necklaces that i've been working on for my website.


i just got that mini, twisted, sterling silver chain at the latest bead show here in austin. i was inspired by its delicate nature to come up with some small pendants to hang from it. they are 5/8" square so not too big. and i used completely original artwork that i made myself.

the mod teardrops and bird graphics will be available in several colors and the necklace will retail about $36.

i should have it up on the website in about a week or so....

oh, and have i mentioned that my best friend caroline is coming to visit me from chicago? yeah, that's where i used to live you know. for 14 years. i miss it.

xo diane

1 comment:

Venus said...

*gasp* SO CUTE!!! I can't wait to see the color options. I love your mod stuff so much.