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15 days later....

so, here it is 15 days later and so much has changed. my friend caroline came to visit during sxsw and we had a great time. i don't know what i would have done without her. she sold my jewelry like it was her own, she watched my booth when i needed a break, and kept me laughing the whole time she was here. good friends like that are hard to find.

the setup was from last thursday the 19th - saturday the 21st and was successful. we saw so many people! janeane garofolo was down on south congress shopping around and we saw about a million rock stars. (we're not sure who they all were, but you know a rock star when you see them.)

caroline left yesterday afternoon and i've been trying to catch up with work ever since.
i had about 300 e-mails to read & over 700 blog posts to weed through...whew! i guess a designer's work is never done. here is a picture of our chaperon "artie vandelay" who just couldn't get enough chips & queso while he was here. he's great guy with a ton of energy & good looks to spare. don't you think?


back to the grind tomorrow for sure...i've been running around today and just need a few more moments to catch my breath before plunging into production for my next venue. the lonestar ladies present: shop austin. here's the link with MUCH more to follow!!! oh, i've actually already been featured on their blog. check it out here. what a beautiful write up...thanks annemarie for being such a great friend.

well, gotta go and figure out the next few days...

xo diane



so here it is! the official flyer for the sxsw market setup for 2009....

there will be wonderful vendors each day offering a wide variety of handmade goods. i can't wait to see what everyone's got. so if you will be in austin for sxsw this year please stop by. you can't miss our location in the heart of south congress avenue!


i hope to see you there.

xo diane

3.09.2009 is now updated!

a lot of people like to spend their weekends relaxing, being outdoors or catching up on a good book. well,apparently i am not one of those people. :) i took the time this weekend to update my website with all new graphics and even added a few new earring designs. its quite a process since i design and manage my website all on my own.

creating new pages entails getting the graphics to fit to size, rollovers, new photos, descriptions, etc. now take that and multiply it by 19! everything gets a face lift. once new graphics are introduced, the old ones need to be archived. i figured that i spend so much time creating the images that i'd like them to be available to order. here's the updated version of the front page graphic:

new graphics

well, all work an no play can make me a dull girl so last night i got together with some friends and we went to the lonestar rollergirls roller derby! what fun! those girls are fierce, to say the least. (photo courtesy of their website)
the bout was between the rhinestone cowgirls and the hellcats. some of the crew i was with were related to one of the hellcats named "curly suicide" so we rooted for them. the fans wear big curly blonde wigs to show their support. it was incredible. i am definitely paying for it today. i can't wait to go again next month. click on the picture to get to the website.

xo diane


what i've been working on....

its march which means that the annual SXSW conference is coming up soon. each year thousands of interactive, film & music junkies travel to austin to meet up & exchange ideas of what is going on in their field. this year in conjunction with Guero's Taco Bar i have organized an all local handmade austin market. there will be vendors selling all sorts of local & handmade goods.

well, since this is an awesome opportunity for me to showcase my designs, i have been keeping myself busy preparing for the event.

these are discs for bob pins:


and these are 800 baubles that have now become magnets. whew! what a job!


in these photos you are able to take a peek at some of my *new* graphics for the spring/summer 09 line! i will be updating the website sometime in the next week. (if i can catch my breath.) never a dull moment around here lately...

xo diane