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the end of an era

well, i think its time to try to reclaim what little sanity i might have left. i've realized that having 2 different websites to sell 2 different types of jewelry is just too much for one person to handle. i do love making both styles of jewelry, however, since its just me doing it all i've had to face a very difficult decision.

when i decided a few years back to quit all of the mundane jobs that i've had to start my own business i knew it was going to be hard work. and since i am very organized and a very driven person, working out of my house has not been difficult. the problem or challenge that i've come to realize, is that its just me doing everything. meaning that from start to finish i am the sole creator and force behind my 2 jewelry lines; dp* jewelry and tasty jewelry. what exactly does that mean? well, not only do i design the jewelry, but i make the jewelry, photograph the jewelry, and have designed, built and maintained my own 2 websites. did i mention that i also am in charge of marketing and sales too?

all of this is not really too bad, i've learned so much. its just a bit difficult to do it for 2 completely different styles of jewelry. one online boutique that would love my printed pendants from tasty jewelry would probably never want the zen-wrapped earrings from dp*. that being said, i think i owe it to myself to be successful and focus really on one line. make it simpler, make it awesome and incorporate the 2 perhaps together.

so i am going to be closing the dp* jewelry designs online shop as of august 31st, 2007. will no longer exist as it does today. i will obviously keep the domain...perhaps making it my main blogging site. and as far as is concerned, i will be making HUGE changes. i will be streamlining the designs, offering a few less designs with more pizzazz. and since i'm obsessed with home accessories, i will be starting to design my own line of those too. tableware, linens, pillows, prints, etc... i am so interested in graphics and having spent some time designing my own for my jewelry, i wanted to use those graphics in more ways than one.

so please keep checking back to for more info. this change will take some time, but knowing me it will be sooner than later.

cheers & thanks for reading!
xo diane


new etsy shop!

i've decided to go etsy! well, sort of...i have been making jewelry for over 25 years now and have amassed quite a collection of cool beads, books and other supplies. well, since i don't live in a mansion, i need to make some space in my studio for new ideas.

so what does this mean for you? i've decided to sell some awesome vintage and fun goodies that i have on etsy.

check a few of them out here:

click on the photo to take you to my shop....keep checking back to see what other goodies i might add.

xo diane


more goodies...

here are a few more goodies that i've added lately! check these out; hoop ring graphic earrings
with a necklace to match...