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I'm a jewelry designer with a passion for mod graphics, retro architecture & creative cooking.

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Brand new website is up!!

I've been working diligently to get this new website up with all the new Tasty Jewelry designs and here it is!  You can click on lower portion of the photo below to be taken to the new site! Enjoy...



All new website!

I've been working on a new website for the past month or so and am getting ready to reveal it on May 1st. Not only will the site look completely different, but it will offer a new shopping experience as well.  

I'll be offering the same Tasty Jewelry quality with amazing prices but now will also offer an upscale more exclusive one-of-a-kind section called "delectable".  

Here is a sneak peek of what's to come... 

colorful cotton wrapped bracelets
multi-colored metal jewelry          
colorful flowered jewelry
matte gold-plated jewelry

exclusive 14k gold-filled & ruby chain tassel earrings

So be sure to check out the new site being revealed on May 1st!