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i'm so busy!

well, my best friend caroline just left last night. she's been in town since last wednesday visiting from chicago! (where i used to live) so its time to catch up with new designs.

i'm currently working on some original artwork for my new printed hoop earrings. so cute! if you read the previous post you will see that i'm giving away a pair before may 15th if you sign up for my e-mail list! i'm going to be giving away another pair if you missed the first window. perhaps i will change the rules to read that you just need to post a comment on my blog....hmmmm.

as soon as the artwork is done, then its time to get them printed and made. (not TOO long of a process, but since i do the artwork myself, that seems to take awhile.) if you have any suggestions for images to use (like flowers, airplanes, owls etc.) please let me know. i try to keep up with the current styles, but seem to just always do my own thing....which i think seems to work best for me.

take care and let me know if you've been here!

xo diane


a month is TOO long!

i am trying to keep up with this blog...with designs to come up with, make, photograph, add to my website and do shows, i just can't seem to make it to this blog to post. but not anymore!

i have decided to get on this thing at least once a week and let you know what's going on...if people can find the time to twitter all day long, i must be able to come up with 10 minutes or so to journal my day.

so here it is....i am going to sponsor a give-away on my website: if you sign up for my e-mail list between may 1st and may 15th you will be entered automatically to win this pair of hoop earrings! not even on the website yet! thats just how fresh they are!

how cool are free earrings? just know that i will never share your information with anyone else. oh, and by the way, mention that you heard about me through this blog too. thanks a million for reading!

ta ta for now...
xo diane

p.s. i will be doing a give away about every 2 weeks so check back often to see what the new criteria for entry will be. how fun! free jewelry!