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back to work....

all the fun has ended since i just dropped off my friend caroline at the airport just 30 minutes ago.

we had such a blast together, ate lots of mexican food, took lots of photos with arty vandalay, and despite her fending off a cold/allergies we still had our fair share of fun time cocktails.

arty with sandwich

yesterday we were at guero's taco bar (where i set up for first thursday each month with my tasty jewelry booth of goodies) and we saw none other than jeff tweedy of wilco fame. it's a good thing i'm from chicago and actually had a sighting of him a few years back with his child in a stroller. they were in town playing 2 sold out shows at stubb's amphitheater.


ok, so all that great stuff is now over....wah wah, now its back to work.

i've been working on revamping my website with all new prints & designs so watch out! i will be definitely blogging about that when it happens stay tuned.

xo diane

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