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inspired for growth

i just finished listening to my friend mark tafoya's latest episode of his remarkably mark podcast . this one is about what he does with his enormous talent in the podcasting world and i'm feeling quite inspired. lately i have been feeling a bit like i'd like to do more with my crafting talent and share it with others. this show got me thinking on a different track about that possibility. nice. if you have the chance or inclination, i highly recommend giving his podcast a listen. you can find it on itunes with his other podcast remarkable palate about being a personal chef in NYC.

mark tafoya

gosh, i don't know when this guys sleeps. if you are at all interested in food and travel i suggest you go to itunes right now and subscribe. you won't be disappointed. i'm planning a trip to NYC sometime soon and i hope that he's in town so that we get a chance to meet...

have a great friday night everyone!
xo diane

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