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new graphics & a broken window

i'd like to show you one of the new graphics that i've been working on for the website, but first, can i just mention how crazy the weather was last night? i was woken up by a HUGE thunderstorm that produced golf ball sized hail....this was the result. i can't tell you how scared i was hearing it hit the windows. it sounded like someone was throwing baseballs at our house. i guess the storm produced up to 70mph winds and some funnel clouds too. at one point we couldn't even see out the window the rain & hail was coming down sideways. i just kept hoping it wouldn't break the giant window we have in our kitchen. anther bonus was that our power was out for 8 hours....bye bye groceries in the fridge. (i'm an old lady talking about the weather...)

broken window

now on to better things. i've been working on bird graphics for spring and wanted them to have multiple layers and colors....this is one of my favorites so far:


it will be offered in a couple of different styles of earrings as well as necklaces and perhaps even salt & pepper shakers. we'll see....i really like the colors in this one. subtle and retro.

xo diane

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