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giggly about googly

my friend nicole had this great idea to start sticking googly eyes on everyday ordinary things to sort of "spruce" them up a bit. on the forum of her podcast she asked if there was anyone else who would like to participate and i of course said yes!

carlos & i went out last night for happy hour and here are a few of the pics we took of our "googly" experience. we were at chuy's on barton springs and i was enjoying a wonderful frozen strawberry margarita. i'm pretty adventurous and creative so i had a feeling a little frost wouldn't hinder the stickiness of the googly eyes. and i was right....
googly margarita

next was a sticker outside chuy's for a design group in santa fe, nm. it had elvis on it with the fancy glasses and i just couldn't resist.
googly elvis sticker

we then rode our bikes down to uncle billy's brew & que for some of their new celebration double ipa. yum! on a side note i LOVE hoppy beers.....we were sitting at the bar when i looked down and saw the fabulous woodgrain that just had to be googled up.
googly bar

so there...i hope others will see the joy that we left in our paths. i think its pretty fun and really harmless. the eyes aren't all that sticky so they won't ruin anything. i hope you enjoyed seeing these funny pics as much as we had taking them....

have a great weekend!
xo diane

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