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blog-a-day for may

my friends venus & nicole extended a challenge to their friends to blog everyday in may. well, since i seem to need another challenge in my life right now,(insert sarcasm here.) i figured i'd join in.

i've been making some pretty delicious dinners lately and will be showcasing them here since i can. today's feature is one of my favorites of all time. its giada delaurentiis' short ribs w/ tagliatelle.

short ribs with tagliatelle

these are so succulent and delicious! you braise them for about 3 hours and then i garnished it with fresh parsley & bittersweet chocolate. yes, you read it right, chocolate! it just adds a slight hint of richness and sweetness to the dish.

the recipe is online. i follow this one exactly which usually isn't my style. i like to cross-reference many recipes and make my own. this one was just perfect on its own.

if you decide to make it please send me a picture or at least let me know how you like it....

xo diane


Venus said...

Well... didn't we just raise the bar on first day posting by including fabu recipes and food porn. *sigh* lol

Walt said...

Anything garnished with chocolate is A-OK in my book.