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welcome september

its been awhile since i've posted. i'm not even sure anyone is reading this...but what the hey! the latest is that i have been accepted to the "stitch austin fashion show and guerilla craft bazaar". its an awesome compilation of local and national indie artists and musicians and is taking place here in austin on november 11th at the austin music hall. i will have more info later for sure! to get more info for yourself check it here: stitch austin

i have been working on some new ideas for fall. a ton of new hair accessories, which i think are super fun. japanese inspired, minimal design...pretty much my thing. i'm also going to be adding many more bracelet/cuff styles. mod, fresh, be on the lookout for those.

my friend annemarie beard and i set-up last weekend in austin for the "keep austin weird" 5k and music festival. i feel it necessary to say that it was 105F and we were there from 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. whew! i have never sweat so much sitting still in my whole life... we had loads of fun anyways.

please check out my website for more cool stuff and now you can leave me a voice message on the "my chingo" system at the bottom of my home page. (i think i'm going to call it "my ching-a-ling"). it is the coolest way to communicate with someone and i heard about it through many of the greatest podcasts that i listen to each week. if you're interested visit their website to get your own! its tons of fun!

ta ta for now! cheers!

xo diane