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my favorite football team

now when i say football, i mean REAL football...the kind where they actually use their feet and not their hands. otherwise known as "the beautiful game". its great and amazing. i've loved it since i was in high school, but now i can really appreciate watching it.

now, there are many reasons why i love this sport, its speed, its unpredictability, and most of all, its players. now, when you are going to be watching men run around for 90 minutes, with only a 15 minute half time and NO time outs, there really isn't time for gawking at the players. or IS there?
this is cesc fabregas, midfielder for the arsenal gunners. (they are from london in case you didn't know)


don't you think THIS guy is worth watching? i'm just saying. and he celebrates his 21st birthday today. happy birthday you cute little spaniard!

go gunners!
xo diane

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