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happy in the new year

its finally here, the end of 2007. with it brings much reflection of my fledgling business. i have experienced much during this past year. i have learned so much about myself and plan to use that knowledge in 2008. i opened many new wholesale accounts, started my home accessories line and decided to change direction of my other website:

it is now going to be more of a "one-of-a-kind" gallery of sorts featuring those whimsical musings that i will occasionally add for sale. it will be my art, my voice and my vision. ever-changing and making unique statements.

we'll just see what unfolds in the upcoming months so stay tuned in and turned on.



great gifts under $25

if you are looking for a unique item for that friend that has everything, then look no further. i have just added these mod salt & pepper shakers featuring my own original artwork. these limited edition shakers each measure 1 5/8" square by 4" tall. sold for $22 they make a great gift for under $25!!!!

this one is the "stems":
mod salt and pepper shakers

and this one is the "squares":

mod salt and pepper shakers

head over to where most of my items are under $25. i am offering complimentary gift wrap for orders over $15 and as always FREE SHIPPING! place your orders by december 17th to try to ensure your christmas delivery.

xo diane


holiday shopping outdoors

aren't you tired of shopping at the big box retailers? well, you should be....this year make a pledge to shop independent. and to keep up with that pledge, come out and see me while i set up outdoors for the holiday shopping season.

where? guero's taco bar 1412 s. congress ave. (@ elizabeth st) in austin, tx.
when? from 12pm - 6pm
saturday december 8th
sunday december 9th
saturday december 15th
sunday december 16th
friday december 21st
saturday december 22nd (this will be your last chance!)

i will also be having a trunk show at adelante boutique located at 1206 w. 38th st, austin, tx.
thursday december 13th & friday december 14th from 10am - 5pm. i will be showing mostly tasty jewelry with some new one-of-a-kind pieces. earrings, necklaces, rings, hair accessories, home accessories and more.

whew! i am working hard to make this the best holiday season ever! please come out and see me if you get the chance.

xo diane


shopping season has commenced!

its that time of year again when all you want is peace on earth and good will towards men and all you get is crazy traffic, long lines at the checkout & cranky kids screaming in the aisles.

well, why not leave all that crazy behind and shop from the comfort of your own home. while you're at it stop by: and see all the wonderful gift items i have offered. most everything is under $25 so you can shop for everyone on your list.

i promise you won't be disappointed.

xo diane


happy halloween!

here it is! one of the most fun days of the year...halloween! i remember when i was little we would race home from school and get our costumes on as fast as we could. each year we would have the same dinner, a tradition of sloppy joes, potato chips and a pickle. i LOVED it! and off we would go with pillow cases in hand ready to tear up the neighborhood.

one of my favorite parts of the evening was sorting out the "loot". once we got home my brothers & sisters and i would dump out the candy onto the carpet and the trading would commence. pixie stix for snickers, fun dip for smarties....i always felt good about my trades even though i was the youngest. ah, the memories.....

have a safe and fun halloween whatever you decide to do. we're going to a halloween party with a "dead celebrity" theme. he's going as andy warhol and i'm going as edie sedgwick.


podcaster promotion

do you listen to podcasts? well, if you don't you should. i've decided to partner with a few of the great podcasts that i listen to this holiday season to give their listeners a gift of my own.

from november 1st through december 31st listeners of how much do we love, the daily purge, ramble redhead, its not us, its you, the smith's occasional podcast, archerradio & the little fatty cast will be given a special code to use when placing an order on not only will they be getting a discount, but they will be helping their favorite podcast out too. the proceeds from the discount will be donated right back to the podcaster! its my small way of saying "thank you" for the year long effort they make to produce such creative content. they are all entertaining and fun, fun, fun!

use the code: podcastlistener (all one word) in the voucher code box during checkout then in the box that asks "how did you hear about tasty jewelry?" enter the name of the podcast that you listen to. its that simple.

xo diane

just added....

here are a few of the new things that i've added to my website in the past week.

wine gift bags:

and skull bauble rings:

get your groove on this holiday season with some hip, funky and groovy jewelry!


adding new styles

i've just updated the website with some new earrings. a cool graphic printed disc with a metallic ring in awesome 70's style motifs.

and some awesome punk rock skull earrings (available in more colors)

go check them out!

xo diane


mod trio earrings

here are the newest earrings that i've been working on...the mod trio. one really mod graphic repeated three times...i LOVE these! $20 each pair and i am offering 12 different designs. they will be featured on the modish holiday gift guide...go check it out. it will be online soon.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

i offer free shipping on all orders in the U.S.

xo diane


new hoop earrings

here is a picture of the new hoop earrings i made yesterday. they are 14k gold-filled wire that i formed and hammered then wrapped with small freshwater pearls. they are 1 1/4" in diameter which makes them the perfect size for everyday. (they are also offered in sterling silver) just $30 at:


coaster sets a go-go

i'm working on packaging my new coaster sets. they are all hand made out of cork with a felt backing. you get 4 per set and each features a different portion of one main design. and at just $16 i think they make great hostess gifts, or if you're really ahead of the game, stocking stuffers! i found these great clear plastic boxes that showcases 2 of the 4 designs.

click on the picture to take you to the website.



updating the website

well, after long last, i have updated the website with some really fun new goodies. here are some photos of what i've added.

go check out the millions of colors and patterns that are available for these 2 fun and funky home accessories. you'll be pleasantly surprised!



LP record producer

i could call myself a record producer today. i'm making about 20 pairs of my popular LP record earrings for the show and one pair for an online order. these little babies have been seen in the likes of alternative press magazine, metal edge magazine, and beauty launchpad magazine.

i love them and they feature a tiny swarovski© crystal rhinestone too!!!

here's a pic of them almost done! i just need to add the crystals....

rock on!


making new earrings

this week i'm working on new earrings and accessories for the stitch austin show...and for the website in general. i will be posting now as much as possible to share with you the progress that i'm making on the new stuff.

i'm hoping to participate in a few more craft shows this season. we'll see.

here is a pic of my workbench with some of the new goodies strewn about:

let me know what you think!
xo diane


new fun craft kits

i have been working on new craft kits to sell at this year's stitch austin show on saturday november 10th. they are fun kits with loads of different goodies inside to whet any crafter's appetite.

they will each include 3' of stylish ribbon, seed beads, colorful paillettes, ovals, and flower shapes, metallic sequins (both silver & gold), and assorted glass beads. each one will also have a set of 4 silver bob pins, a bob pin with a disc at the end, one plastic cabachon and a pair of silver plated hoop earrings. you can see my workbench in the process of getting together the turquoise group here:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

all of these goodies will come in a convenient super cool clear plastic tube, so you can see what you're getting. i will offer them by color and they will retail for around $10 each. not a high price to pay for creative inspiration. they will make great stocking stuffers for newbie crafters and seasoned veterans alike.

all of the contents come directly from my own stash so its like i'm sharing my tasty world with everyone. look for them on the website:
i will also be adding an instructional area to my website too, so if you are just starting out, allow me to share my 20+ years of crafty knowledge with you.

xo diane


tasty accessories

i have been working diligently on creating some new home accessories for tasty jewelry. since i have decided to move on from designing for dp* jewelry, i have been in research and development for weeks.

i am currently working on hand painted salt & pepper shakers, cork coasters, placemats & wine bags. (to give and to keep) i have found some amazing design blogs which, in turn, point me to more incredible design blogs....oh my goodness! if there were only 72 hours in a day!

color combinations and prints are what i'm really concentrating is what i've always been big on.

so keep checking back. i will be announcing each new product here first!

xo diane


the end of an era

well, i think its time to try to reclaim what little sanity i might have left. i've realized that having 2 different websites to sell 2 different types of jewelry is just too much for one person to handle. i do love making both styles of jewelry, however, since its just me doing it all i've had to face a very difficult decision.

when i decided a few years back to quit all of the mundane jobs that i've had to start my own business i knew it was going to be hard work. and since i am very organized and a very driven person, working out of my house has not been difficult. the problem or challenge that i've come to realize, is that its just me doing everything. meaning that from start to finish i am the sole creator and force behind my 2 jewelry lines; dp* jewelry and tasty jewelry. what exactly does that mean? well, not only do i design the jewelry, but i make the jewelry, photograph the jewelry, and have designed, built and maintained my own 2 websites. did i mention that i also am in charge of marketing and sales too?

all of this is not really too bad, i've learned so much. its just a bit difficult to do it for 2 completely different styles of jewelry. one online boutique that would love my printed pendants from tasty jewelry would probably never want the zen-wrapped earrings from dp*. that being said, i think i owe it to myself to be successful and focus really on one line. make it simpler, make it awesome and incorporate the 2 perhaps together.

so i am going to be closing the dp* jewelry designs online shop as of august 31st, 2007. will no longer exist as it does today. i will obviously keep the domain...perhaps making it my main blogging site. and as far as is concerned, i will be making HUGE changes. i will be streamlining the designs, offering a few less designs with more pizzazz. and since i'm obsessed with home accessories, i will be starting to design my own line of those too. tableware, linens, pillows, prints, etc... i am so interested in graphics and having spent some time designing my own for my jewelry, i wanted to use those graphics in more ways than one.

so please keep checking back to for more info. this change will take some time, but knowing me it will be sooner than later.

cheers & thanks for reading!
xo diane


new etsy shop!

i've decided to go etsy! well, sort of...i have been making jewelry for over 25 years now and have amassed quite a collection of cool beads, books and other supplies. well, since i don't live in a mansion, i need to make some space in my studio for new ideas.

so what does this mean for you? i've decided to sell some awesome vintage and fun goodies that i have on etsy.

check a few of them out here:

click on the photo to take you to my shop....keep checking back to see what other goodies i might add.

xo diane


more goodies...

here are a few more goodies that i've added lately! check these out; hoop ring graphic earrings
with a necklace to match...


headbands galore!!!!

i've got some new headbands on my website which are just scrumptious! stripe, swirl and even denim styles! very cute:

congrats to holly dyer of apopko, florida for winning my first contest! you could be the next if you sign up for my e-mail list! just go to and sign up to be entered!

i've been busy working on loads of orders for new stores....perhaps you will find my goodies in a store near you! and if you are a store owner/buyer and would be interested in carrying tasty jewelry in your store, please go to my wholesale page and fill out the form! i'd love to be designing for you!

have a great week!

xo diane


i'm so busy!

well, my best friend caroline just left last night. she's been in town since last wednesday visiting from chicago! (where i used to live) so its time to catch up with new designs.

i'm currently working on some original artwork for my new printed hoop earrings. so cute! if you read the previous post you will see that i'm giving away a pair before may 15th if you sign up for my e-mail list! i'm going to be giving away another pair if you missed the first window. perhaps i will change the rules to read that you just need to post a comment on my blog....hmmmm.

as soon as the artwork is done, then its time to get them printed and made. (not TOO long of a process, but since i do the artwork myself, that seems to take awhile.) if you have any suggestions for images to use (like flowers, airplanes, owls etc.) please let me know. i try to keep up with the current styles, but seem to just always do my own thing....which i think seems to work best for me.

take care and let me know if you've been here!

xo diane


a month is TOO long!

i am trying to keep up with this blog...with designs to come up with, make, photograph, add to my website and do shows, i just can't seem to make it to this blog to post. but not anymore!

i have decided to get on this thing at least once a week and let you know what's going on...if people can find the time to twitter all day long, i must be able to come up with 10 minutes or so to journal my day.

so here it is....i am going to sponsor a give-away on my website: if you sign up for my e-mail list between may 1st and may 15th you will be entered automatically to win this pair of hoop earrings! not even on the website yet! thats just how fresh they are!

how cool are free earrings? just know that i will never share your information with anyone else. oh, and by the way, mention that you heard about me through this blog too. thanks a million for reading!

ta ta for now...
xo diane

p.s. i will be doing a give away about every 2 weeks so check back often to see what the new criteria for entry will be. how fun! free jewelry!