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new hoop earrings

here is a picture of the new hoop earrings i made yesterday. they are 14k gold-filled wire that i formed and hammered then wrapped with small freshwater pearls. they are 1 1/4" in diameter which makes them the perfect size for everyday. (they are also offered in sterling silver) just $30 at:


coaster sets a go-go

i'm working on packaging my new coaster sets. they are all hand made out of cork with a felt backing. you get 4 per set and each features a different portion of one main design. and at just $16 i think they make great hostess gifts, or if you're really ahead of the game, stocking stuffers! i found these great clear plastic boxes that showcases 2 of the 4 designs.

click on the picture to take you to the website.



updating the website

well, after long last, i have updated the website with some really fun new goodies. here are some photos of what i've added.

go check out the millions of colors and patterns that are available for these 2 fun and funky home accessories. you'll be pleasantly surprised!



LP record producer

i could call myself a record producer today. i'm making about 20 pairs of my popular LP record earrings for the show and one pair for an online order. these little babies have been seen in the likes of alternative press magazine, metal edge magazine, and beauty launchpad magazine.

i love them and they feature a tiny swarovski© crystal rhinestone too!!!

here's a pic of them almost done! i just need to add the crystals....

rock on!


making new earrings

this week i'm working on new earrings and accessories for the stitch austin show...and for the website in general. i will be posting now as much as possible to share with you the progress that i'm making on the new stuff.

i'm hoping to participate in a few more craft shows this season. we'll see.

here is a pic of my workbench with some of the new goodies strewn about:

let me know what you think!
xo diane


new fun craft kits

i have been working on new craft kits to sell at this year's stitch austin show on saturday november 10th. they are fun kits with loads of different goodies inside to whet any crafter's appetite.

they will each include 3' of stylish ribbon, seed beads, colorful paillettes, ovals, and flower shapes, metallic sequins (both silver & gold), and assorted glass beads. each one will also have a set of 4 silver bob pins, a bob pin with a disc at the end, one plastic cabachon and a pair of silver plated hoop earrings. you can see my workbench in the process of getting together the turquoise group here:
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all of these goodies will come in a convenient super cool clear plastic tube, so you can see what you're getting. i will offer them by color and they will retail for around $10 each. not a high price to pay for creative inspiration. they will make great stocking stuffers for newbie crafters and seasoned veterans alike.

all of the contents come directly from my own stash so its like i'm sharing my tasty world with everyone. look for them on the website:
i will also be adding an instructional area to my website too, so if you are just starting out, allow me to share my 20+ years of crafty knowledge with you.

xo diane