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herein lies my attempt to blog on a more regular basis....let's see how long i can go this time.

okay, so i'm up early this morning and am feeling a bit off due to the crazy dreams i had last night. perhaps that was a good thing because now i'm sitting at my computer and am blazing through some new graphic designs today. i have been feeling the need to change up the graphics offered for my jewelry as well as for my home accessories.
(see previous post for info on updated coaster sets! whew!)

i have a few new techniques that i've been working on...i like to think of them as my secret recipes for style. cute, huh? since i am "tasty" jewelry and all. i wish i had 2 or 3 of me to be able to work out all the ideas that i have in my head.

oh, and i just joined flickr so go over there and add me as a contact. surprise, surprise, my user name is tastyjewelry. i'll add you too!

i've also got something pretty exciting on the stay tuned for that too! i have a few friends i have to consult before i can get that going. geez, couldn't there just be 48 hours in a day? PLEASE!!!!!

xo diane

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