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Virtual insanity...

When you work for yourself sometimes you have to find different ways to keep entertained.

Motivation is not a problem for me, most days are pretty straight forward...wake up, hit the running trail, shower, breakfast, then sit at the workbench for say, about 10 hours, then find something else to eat...unwind a bit, plan for the next day. Repeat.

The challenge that I have with working for myself is the lack of human interaction on a daily basis. Sure, being able to wake up on some days and work in your pajamas might seem like a desirable thing, but not having people around to just simply chat with is excruciating. Talking to yourself just doesn't suffice. Trust me. So to lessen the pain of this solo-flight job that I have chosen for myself I have turned to listening to podcasts.


What's a podcast you might ask? Well, think of it as a pre-recorded talk radio program, without the commercials and usually with a lot more snark. (At least the ones I find interesting.) And they are free to download. There are thousands of them out there...just take a look on iTunes. From talking about music or politics to just recording a personal journal, you get to learn a lot about other people if you want. So I've turned to these podcasts as a sort of "virtual" water-cooler experience, except that its one-sided and unless I send an email or phone in a comment, they don't really know my side of things.


Oh well, I didn't say it was a perfect answer to my solo dilemma, it just helps to lessen the effect of it somewhat. I've met some really wonderful people who I have a lot in common with by listening to these podcasts. Well, not necessarily "met" in the face-to-face way of meeting per se, but met as in the virtual world where they read my emails and then respond.

That being said, recently I have had the fortunate opportunity to actually meet several of these podcasters in real life. Holly came to stay at my house on a recent vacation. Jennifer and I met for some Maker's Mark manhattans & girl talk near Columbus Circle. It felt like I knew them both for years. Which I did, just hadn't met them face to face before. It was a wonderful experience with others too, having lunch in the Village with Tim & Ron then meeting for coffee with Eric & Brett in Chelsea followed by happy hour & dinner in Hell's Kitchen. A blast!

I can't say that at any time I felt awkward or strange about being with any of them or they with me. There was an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation meeting each and every one. I guess it would sort of be like having a pen pal for years that you finally get to see in person. Just fast forward a few years where no one actually picks up a pen to write anything and you don't have to wait days or weeks for a letter.

I think its brilliant how technology enables a girl like me who begrudgingly sits alone all day with no co-workers to fill up that empty space with "virtual" co-workers who have now turned into true friends. It's truly amazing the type of people that you can meet online. ;)

xo diane

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