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So this post isn't about how I went out on a bender last night with my friend Kristen & how much Maker's Mark we put back. (Although that might make for a very interesting post...) It about how I've been hammering my little arm off this weekend making hand forged hoop earrings.


I started making these back in college where I outfitted my entire group of friends with them. I made myself a tiny one that I still wear to this day and recently on a trip to NYC I had lunch with my friend Chris (from college) and she still wears hers too!

Basically its a loop of wire that I form then hammer to work harden it. Work hardening gives the hoop stability and pliability. Each earring gets hammered approximately 100 times and well, multiply that by 40 pairs and you've got yourself an arm that's pretty much toast for the next few days.


I offer these lovely earrings in sterling silver, 14k gold-filled and copper in various sizes and shapes so look for them when I relaunch the website at the end of the month. They are definitely a must have item!

xo diane

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