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Sorting through my past....

It's been quite a week for me. I've been in this sort of reflective mood due to the fact that I've been going through my life's possessions trying to sort through what I want to keep & what I need to keep. Two very different things!


I keep finding these things that I have collected and now need to decide if they "make the cut" so to speak. Most of it is really just junk, I know that, but these are the things that make your house your home. Little touches with a certain "flair" that seem to say something about you or your personality. Those are the things that I really want to keep.


Take these crazy women, my friend Victor gave them to me years ago for my birthday and I just love them. They came as a set of seven. I don't know where he got them or what they are supposed to be, other than mod, cool & fashionable, which I hope is why he got them for me.

So tomorrow I am having a garage sale that will feature glimpses into my past life. It's always a little weird seeing your "worldly possessions" leaving in the hands of a stranger for a few dollars, but sometimes the feeling of letting go is truly priceless.

xo diane

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Walt said...

We've been doing a lot of this kind of sorting all summer long. It's HARD. We've accumulated so much crap, most of which we don't need, we don't use, but we can't seem to part with. It's painful just to think about it. Our new house WILL NOT be crammed with as much stuff, or at least that's what we keep telling ourselves. Good luck. I feel your pain!