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Booth set up

After all of that crazy work last week to get my new booth displays made I thought I might share some pictures with you.

Here's the whole thing set up in my living room as I was working on it.

new tasty setup

I really didn't have to change anything when I got outside. I was a bit worried that some of the displays might be a bit light and would blow over in the wind, but with a little clear packing tape strategically placed, I didn't have any problems at all.

first thursday booth

I made the table cloth myself out of some white vinyl. It worked out perfectly and I think gives the whole table a clean & professional look. All the other displays I made myself and just gave them an updated look with some white lacquer.

I think the effort was well worth it. I really enjoyed challenging myself, yet again, to keep updating and making Tasty Jewelry bigger and better than ever.

xo diane

1 comment:

FENNOfashion said...

I love how clean your display is. I think it is important not to have an overwhelming display because I feel like it takes away from the jewelry.
Nicely done, I hope you had a successful weekend! :)