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off topic: iTunes library nonsense....

This has probably been thrown around the internet by several people & I'd like to propagate it even further by submitting my own information to the pool about my iTunes library. So here it goes:

How many total songs?
5003 items, 14.7 days, 21.03 GB

Sort by song title – first and last…
First: “About You” – Mary J. Blige - The Breakthrough
Last: “!@*$%#” – Fischerspooner - #1

Sort by time – shortest and longest…
Shortest: 0:06, “One Last "Whoo-hoo!" For The Pullman” – Sufjan Stevens - Come on Feel the Illinoise
Longest: 21:29, “Where the Planets Revolve, I Wish I Was There" - Sianspheric - Somnium

Sort by Album – first and last…
First: ABBA Gold by ABBA
Last: Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie

Sort by Artist – first and last…
First: ABBA
Last: Zwan

Top five played songs**
35 - 1901 - Phoenix
34- Magic - Ladyhawke
27 - The Great Escape - The Rifles
24 - Fire - Kasabian
19 - Games For Days - Julian Plenti

Find the following words. How many songs show up?
Sex: 27 items
Death: 108 items
Love: 254 items
You: 553 items
Home: 54 items
Boy: 237 items
Girl: 55 items

First five songs that come up on Party Shuffle…
The Price of Love - White Lies
Manta Ray - The Pixies
Atlantic - Keane
Slow And Low - Beastie Boys
(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me - Depeche Mode

So there it is...I'd love to see yours! Share it with me...

xo diane

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