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My latest trip to NYC...

I was back in NYC this past weekend for a number of reasons. To see a concert by The Cribs, to check out the city (again), to see my brother open Ragtime on Broadway & to meet up with my former boss.

Friday night I went with my friend Tim to go and see The Cribs. I can't believe it but I realized that I had never seen a show in NYC before. They played at the Bowery Ballroom which was a great place to see a band since it was a very small venue. We met up with some of Tim's friends before hand for drinks then off to the show. It was rockin'! As soon as they started the crowd went crazy...jumping up & down, dancing, thrashing about...a very lively bunch.

They played everything that I wanted to hear, including "Be Safe" which was accompanied by a large projected image of Lee Ranaldo (of Sonic Youth fame) doing his spoken word piece. Here's my feeble attempt at taking a photo of that moment on my iPhone.... (The person on the left is none other than Johnny Marr of The Smiths who now plays guitar for the band.)


Well, I've got much more to add to this weekend so I'll have to make another post later. Until then....

xo diane

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