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podcaster promotion

do you listen to podcasts? well, if you don't you should. i've decided to partner with a few of the great podcasts that i listen to this holiday season to give their listeners a gift of my own.

from november 1st through december 31st listeners of how much do we love, the daily purge, ramble redhead, its not us, its you, the smith's occasional podcast, archerradio & the little fatty cast will be given a special code to use when placing an order on not only will they be getting a discount, but they will be helping their favorite podcast out too. the proceeds from the discount will be donated right back to the podcaster! its my small way of saying "thank you" for the year long effort they make to produce such creative content. they are all entertaining and fun, fun, fun!

use the code: podcastlistener (all one word) in the voucher code box during checkout then in the box that asks "how did you hear about tasty jewelry?" enter the name of the podcast that you listen to. its that simple.

xo diane

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