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Red Carpet

AFW red carpet

So what do you wear for your first red carpet experience? Well, I decided to go vintage and try on a dress that I hadn't worn in about 7 years. Lo and behold, it fit! Its a Givenchy inspired "little black dress" that I accented with a black leather obi style belt. My purse was a vintage silver clutch which held the essentials; iPhone, lipstick, money & emergency granola bar in case I got hungry. :)

Here's a closer shot of Rob, Aimee and I:
red carpet

We weren't really sure who the press was stopping to interview. It seemed sort of random so I thought maybe they'd grab me, but I wasn't so lucky.

The Austin Fashion Awards show was great. There were so many people there it was electric! Alpha Rev started the show while people were getting seated. Jenny Hart was the charming emcee of the evening, making everyone feel welcome with a lovely sense of humor too. The Soldier Thread & Ume both played live during 4 different designers' fashion shows and The Octopus Project closed out the night.

We had a great time chatting and meeting people that I feel like I could do that every week! I am going to miss having so many social events to attend.

A big thanks to Matt Swinney of Launch 787 for putting together this whole beautiful week. He and his support team did an amazing job. And kudos to Austin for being so stylish!

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