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its finished! finally....

well, here i sit...2 days later after putting up my new i had some troubles with uploading yesterday, however, with a little patience, i prevailed!

what's new? well, i decided to add a link to a shop that will sell t-shirts, mugs, etc...all with the tasty logo on them...i think they look good. i will keep that until i can get some of that stuff printed for myself in house. look for that sometime.

i am still waiting to hear if i will be accepted into the ACL music festival as a vendor. i have applied with 2 absolutely fabulous artists who have both been selling at the festival since it i'm crossing my fingers. if we get in it will be awesome! great bands come to austin, tx for 3 days in september and take over zilker park. luckily i live nearby. if you are curious check out: for more info. the pixies played 2 years ago and i LOVED it!!!!

i've just finished dinner...homemade pesto (with homegrown basil, thai basil & arugula!) i also made the pasta fresh...super delicious too! i tell you...i LOVE to cook! i cook about 4 - 5 times a week for carlos and myself.

well, i'm off to do more research on marketing. thanks for reading! allez les bleu! world cup action is getting fierce!

xo diane

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