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I'm a jewelry designer with a passion for mod graphics, retro architecture & creative cooking.

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hello, to anyone out there who is interested...i'm a jewelry designer from austin via way of chicago. i've been working non-stop trying to have my new website up date friday 6.17.06! its been a crazy ride so far...about 3 1/2 weeks to get it formatted and now i'm working on getting the samples made for photographs. you can check out the basic set up by going to the website its a spin-off from my original site

i decided to split up my business because i basically had 2 different types of jewelry styles i was making. in one hand you have the site which offers more sophisticated clean lined jewelry using semi-precious stones and wood. more organic really. then in the other hand you have the site which is the funky, mod, hip alter-ego of the latter. using what i call "confetti dots" which are plastic dots in loads of colors. this allows me to create a more retro look of which i'm so fond. both styles really suit me, as a matter of fact, i think they would suit a lot of women. somedays we feel a bit more reserved and sophisticated, somedays we're wild and playful. most women are complex that way so it just made sense to me to create 2 different websites to support those feelings. i'm hoping that each one finds the right audience.

we'll see how it all goes. once the new site is up i'm hoping for big things....i've currently got my hands in many a cookie jar...loads of posts to read and e-mails to sort through. i love being busy. (be careful what i wish for i suppose.) i'm a member of indie finds, the switchboards, i buy diy & babes in business (a local group of designers from austin that get together and chat about our crafty businesses).

in the future i will be offering "daily specials" if you sign up for my e-mail list. i've got to figure out how to do please bear with me. i also want to start a monthly contest for those who have signed up or helped me with my businesses. i love to give stuff away! so keep checking back and i'll try to keep this post interesting and fun.

xo diane

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