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a new day, a new way

well, here it is...friday the 17th and i'm still not quite finished with the site. i've had some challenges with the "white background" that i wanted to put behind the jewelry...but, alas....with the help of my boyfriend, carlos, we decided that the jewelry got "lost".

so 3 days of taking about 450 photographs, photoshopping them (all!) and deleting them (ALL!) i've now decided to go with a super ultimately cool grey background. it looks wonderful and the colors still POP!

i even built a new lightbox which was very cheap and works like a charm. so if anyone out there needs help or suggestions about taking photos of jewelry i've got some pretty good ideas. ;)

its been awesome watching the world cup too...i hope USA can pull it out tomorrow against italy. (big dreams here) we'll see. we're planning on going to a friend's house to watch with others on a huge HD tv. it should be a blast.

well, that's it...i've learned by making a TON of mistakes this week. i feel so much better about my photoshop 7.0 abilities it's scary. i'm looking forward to the next go 'round of photoshopping these next 20 photos....tomorrow. now its time for a tecate and some bubble bath. mmmmmm.

xo diane

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