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i've been away...

wow, so much has been happening in the past month, where do i start? i think i'll need a few separate blog posts for all the goings-on!

first, i decided to take some time off at the end of april to get some perspective on my life. since i've been thrown into a turmoil all things seem to be ending wrong side up. ack! so here are some good things that have happened since i wrote last time.

i went to NYC to visit my brother & sister-in-law and had the BEST time ever. while i was there i participated in the EIF-Revlon Run/Walk 5k to benefit women's cancer research. there were about 40,000 participants all in times square on a saturday morning, including jessica biel, jessica alba, jennifer connoly & jimmy fallon to name a few. the whole event was mind-blowing and lots of fun. doing it by myself made me really proud. i walked for my mom, my aunts, my friends and friends of friends. it was somewhat emotional at times but doing it felt so great.

i went to see my brother in his show "happiness" at the lincoln center theater. he went on as the lead the night i went and besides being so proud, i was so impressed at his talent. he never ceases to amaze me. a true rock star...

which leads me to my next topic...i will need a whole separate blog post for this one, so read on....

xo diane

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