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3.09.2009 is now updated!

a lot of people like to spend their weekends relaxing, being outdoors or catching up on a good book. well,apparently i am not one of those people. :) i took the time this weekend to update my website with all new graphics and even added a few new earring designs. its quite a process since i design and manage my website all on my own.

creating new pages entails getting the graphics to fit to size, rollovers, new photos, descriptions, etc. now take that and multiply it by 19! everything gets a face lift. once new graphics are introduced, the old ones need to be archived. i figured that i spend so much time creating the images that i'd like them to be available to order. here's the updated version of the front page graphic:

new graphics

well, all work an no play can make me a dull girl so last night i got together with some friends and we went to the lonestar rollergirls roller derby! what fun! those girls are fierce, to say the least. (photo courtesy of their website)
the bout was between the rhinestone cowgirls and the hellcats. some of the crew i was with were related to one of the hellcats named "curly suicide" so we rooted for them. the fans wear big curly blonde wigs to show their support. it was incredible. i am definitely paying for it today. i can't wait to go again next month. click on the picture to get to the website.

xo diane

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