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It's always so nice to know that people appreciate my work.  I have often thought about giving it all up, but when you hear that people enjoy what you do it keeps you going.

Recently Misha Blaise had purchased some limited edition earrings from Sanctuary (a lovely shop in Westlake Hills) and put them on her "Spring Picks" list. Thank you Misha! It's people like you that keep me motivated to pursue my art. ;)



Misha said...

What I forgot to tell you was that I also got tons of compliments! I wore the earrings to my friends wedding and several people eyed them and said "wow, I love your earrings!!" YOur style is on point--keep up the awesome work!! :) Hopefully I'll meet you sometime around Austin!

Diane said...

Thanks a million! I've got some new items I'm currently working on for Sanctuary so keep on the lookout!
I'll also be at First Thursday this week @ Guero's.