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this is what i'm dealing with today...

okay, anyone who has a cat knows that they have this incredible sense of where they shouldn't be and my cat, gunner, is no exception to this rule. as a matter of fact he actually epitomizes this rule perfectly!

here's the back story. i'm trying to take some photographs of these new earrings to send to someone for a silent auction and for my website too. my workspace isn't all that big and when i set up my light box and lights there is absolutely NO space whatsoever. so i'm getting up close and trying different shots when i hear this sound from my right side. here he comes, under my chin (as i'm actually taking a photograph!) and in he goes.


trouble 1

oh, he sure is cute, but right on top of my work! and then he starts clawing at the walls:

he got the squirt bottle for here he is just a few minutes later:


trouble sleeps....

oh, and if you are interested in the actual photo i was trying to take here it is:


hope you have a great day!

xo diane

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