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a lesson on ethics in the indie craft world

i just have to write about this since it makes me sick to see the rampant stealing of ideas in the indie craft world. there is a HUGE difference between being "inspired" by someone else's work and blatantly STEALING someone else's designs.

in this age of over exposure by way of the internet via blogs, craft sites, etsy, etc. is an original idea a thing of the past? not unless you are a true artist and not an opportunist. there is a GIGANTIC difference here. an artist is someone who comes up with unique, original ideas and is inspired by the world around opportunist is someone who takes an artist's designs and passes them off as their own.

i have been subject to several people "being inspired" by my designs lately and its got to stop!!! i am able to create freely since it is a part of who i am as a person. i have decided to pursue my passion as a career in the jewelry making business since there is no way that i can turn off this creativity. so i guess i'm lucky because new ideas come as easily to me as my next breath, what i can't figure out is how other people think that means they can take MY designs and pass them off as their own.

i'm not talking about materials...i use many different types of materials to keep my jewelry unique. i have been creating jewelry for OVER 30 years...simple bead stringing is not my thing anymore. what i'm talking about is the marriage of the materials with the actual design of a piece. here's an example:

here's my ring that i designed over a year and a half ago:

and here's one i just saw where the "designer" says that she started making these before the holidays. see any resemblance? come on!!!


i would like to contact the designer to find out just exactly where she stole her idea, but i already know. now perhaps you are saying "sour grapes", but when this effects your livelihood how can it not be of some concern?

the indie craft world is full of wonderful and talented people with loads of new ideas. i am inspired by them constantly. to see art in a museum does the same thing. but does that mean when you see something and say "i could make that" you should? not when you decide to also put that item up for sale. you are in essence taking money out of the pocket of the designer. should the original designer be compensated? i don't know how that could work just boils down to ethics.

they just seem to be a thing of the past. especially in this day and age of the internet where images float around freely. the hard part is not wanting to put your items out there to be "inspiriation" to others, but all i have to say is that i've already come up with new ideas that will blow you away.

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